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Through his publications, he offered a wide variety of ways in which the Italian and French styles might be united.

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France never had an individual Baroque style because they were influenced by an Italian settling down in France (Jean Baptiste Lully) and Couperin was also influenced by the Italian style of composing particularly in his motets and vocal music.

Your answer may be found in Couperin's L'Art de Toucher le Clavecin in 1716 where he talks about elucidating the fingering, his standardization of notations, his use of ornaments, dotted rhythms, notes inegales and a manuscript treatise, Regle Pour L' Accompagnement where he offered rules for realising figured bass and the treatment of dissonance.

Except for trills and other ormamentations, is there a difference in what they try to express? Except for trills and other ormamentations, is there a difference in what they try to express?

However, you are asking about Italian and French styles.. Do you know that his most famous piece was not discovered until 1945 when Remo Giazotto, a Milanese musicologist travelled to Dresden to complete the biography of Albinoni and discovered fragments of a manuscript with only the bass line and six bars of melody surviving from the slow movement of a Sonata da Chiesa.

I'm not certain that we can discern a huge stylistic difference between music of composers from the same period based solely upon their nation of origin... going back to the Renaissance and the invention of many "modern" musical forms... Bach and Biber and Handel were all influenced by Italian music as much as any French composer (Handel worked in Italy for some years and composed a great oeuvre of cantatas and operas in Italian).