Start Rss feed not validating

Rss feed not validating

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It is not uncommon to encounter problems with your blog or podcast feeds and it is important to know how to resolve these issues.

The best way to diagnose your feed is by using Feed

I first opened the HTML source of my home page and I noticed that there was a block of junk after the This looks very suspicious but couldn’t figure out how it was getting appended there. So I started disabling the plugins to see if any of the plugins were adding this weird block of code.

should I switch to the default WP theme and check it?

The only time you need to investigate deeply is when the feed is reported by Feed Validator as no longer valid.

This can result in the non-distribution of your podcast. When a feed approaches 512K (1/2 megabyte) in size some websites and applications begin to have problems processing them.

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