Start Updating mio

Updating mio

Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update, if one is available.

The data can be updated at any time, but it will be maintained indefinitely, even without any power being applied to the Mobile I/O.

Since the hardware itself can be reconfigured by the firmware, this approach allows Metric Halo to make major enhancements to Mobile I/O without any physical changes to the hardware.

You may remember that Randy covered the announcement of the SLICE last year at CES as well as the beginning of their pivot away from a 10,000 step goal for activity tracking.

The 30-second version of that story is that 10,000 steps simply isn’t a satisfactory metric for all people.

The Mobile I/O is a complex device with a complex DSP–based signal processing and control architecture.

One of the major strengths of Mobile I/O’s design is that the operating system of the box can be upgraded at any time by updating the firmware.

Click “Finish” to close the wizard when the installation completes.

Launch the Mio More Desktop application on your computer, and then connect the Mio Moov 500 to your computer with the USB data cable that shipped with the device. The GPS connects and registers to the Mio More software.

And with no need for a heart rate chest strap, you’ll be more comfortable during workouts.

With built-in Bluetooth® Smart and ANT connectivity, LINK lets you stream your fitness data in real-time to dozens of popular i Phone and Android fitness apps, GPS watches, and bike computers.

Update the Mio More Desktop software to obtain additional maps and updates.