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Aaron eckhart dating jennifer aniston

Love Happens is a 2009 American romantic drama film written by Mike Thompson and Brandon Camp, and directed by Brandon Camp. She spurns his initial advance as her past relationships with men have not gone well, but after a heated exchange in the men's restroom, she meets him for dinner.

Insiders say the popular actress and Eckhart, who is also the same age, have become inseparable on the set of 'Travelling' in Vancouver, Canada.

However her desire to become a mother has eluded the Hollywood A-lister who is godmother to best friend, Courteney Cox's daughter Coco."I think the fact that both of them have been single for a couple of months is contributing to the chemistry they have on this film, even when they aren't shooting," the on-set source added."They genuinely enjoy each other's company.

For the longest time, Jennifer Aniston‘s love life was a staple hot topic to gossip about in Tinseltown.

And The Daily Mail has learned that shortly before beginning the project, Eckhart, who personally requested Aniston for the part, ended his relationship with his longtime girlfriend Ashley Wicks.

Scroll down for more..."They're getting along so great that everyone on the set is gossiping about something more going on between them," said an on-set source."They're just so in sync all the time."And Jen's entire reason for doing this movie was Aaron."She's wanted to work with him for years and was completely flattered that she was his first choice to be the leading lady in this movie."It's going to be a real change of pace for Jen, who has focused exclusively on making romantic comedies.

I had heard before seeing it that it was predictable and just like every other "chick flick" but the truth is... This movie had a lot of depth, a lot of touching moments and yes, obviously romance.

At last it seems everyone's favourite friend has something to smile about.

The pair was protected by a security team at all times during their meal together.

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