Start Dating a deputy sheriff

Dating a deputy sheriff

The alleged victim's disabled mother also was in the home at the time, charges say.

Sheriff's Public Information Officer Ray Pruitt says Reyes is no longer employed with the sheriff's department.

Since the investigation is still ongoing, they won't be releasing any further information.

A deputy explained the animal cruelty law and the law against firing a gun while intoxicated. The driver was arrested for a probation violation warrant and for driving with a suspended license and failing to have his seat belt fastened. 5: A resident of the Guyton area said he loaned his generator to a neighbor for what was supposed to be a brief period of time, but the neighbor has refused to return it. The driver was arrested for speeding and possession of drug-related objects -- a marijuana pipe.

He needs the generator to run his oxygen supply when the power fails. 5: A man traveling west on Springfield Tusculum Road said a man traveling east in a gray station wagon struck his vehicle, breaking the mirrors on both vehicles. 7: A man who cuts grass at the Effingham Fellowship Bible Church Cemetery said some Georgia Power workers who were cutting limbs backed into a fence and damaged the gate. An 18-year-old passenger who blew 0.084 on a breath test was arrested for underage possession of alcohol. 9: Several women came to a house on Pitts Road in the Newington area and confronted a couple, saying they shouldn’t be dating because they are cousins.

TIFFIN — A woman in Tiffin can be heard pleading frantically with a 911 operator as her husband chased her with a rifle.

That gunman was ultimately killed after stabbing a man he believed was dating his wife.

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