Start To intimidating people

To intimidating people

When we have limited communication with somebody, we don’t always get the chance to see them mess up.

That is, we can change our perception of the person, so we no longer feel intimidated by them. Today, we’re talking about other tools you can use.

Because that’s the great thing about being assertive: It’s a skill we can learn and practice. Dealing with intimidating people can shake our confidence and trigger self-doubt, said psychotherapist Michelle Farris, LMFT.

Some people are born with personalities which make them intimidating no matter what they do or say while others are milder in spirit and temperament.

While most of us rightly want to be exceptional in some way or another, we often feel a lot of social and moral pressure not to think of ourselves as generally better than others.

One thing I have noticed is that an internalized sense of false modesty helps people underestimate their own power.

I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm really friendly and I LOVE making friends!

"Threat of harm generally involves a perception of injury...physical or mental damage..or instance of injury, or a material and detriment or loss to a person."[2] "A terroristic threat is a crime generally involving a threat to commit violence communicated with the intent to terrorize other."[3] Being intimidating is not usually on a person’s list of priorities.

However, once in awhile it really does come in handy.

I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm really friendly and I LOVE making friends!

It's a natural habit of mine to kinda intimidate people too.

This doesn’t necessarily apply to someone like a boss, but maybe a person you’ve been intrigued by and deemed “too cool” for you to be with (I have done this many times).