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Unfired lead bullets in the oral cavities of some of the skeletons could reflect the practice of holding bullets in the mouth for quick reloading.

Sauron’s control over nemeses will be pervasive with “Nemesis Fortresses,” enemy bases scattered throughout Middle Earth possessed by unique personality traits.

reports that bioarchaeologists have analyzed 47 skeletons of soldiers killed during the Battle of Lützen, fought on November 16, 1632, by Protestant forces led by Swedish King Gustav II Adolf, and the Holy Roman Empire’s army led by General Albrecht von Wallenstein.

These soldiers were among the 9,000 killed during the battle and buried in mass graves.

“I am going to have your head,” the Agonizer says to Talion in the trailer. The most intriguing aspect of was the game’s Nemesis system, which asked players to make choices with regards to how they interact with Sauron’s henchmen.