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We do trust each other enough and, because we aren't deep into a "lifestyle," we have played some fairly intense scenes. Our experience with Mark turned me into a bit of a "size queen." Don't get me wrong, I love being with a guy with an average cock who knows how to fuck. We would be going back to our house and that Will should follow in 20-minutes. He told him to take the thong that was lying there.

Most of what we do is pretty run of the mill cuck play. We have a few regular guys we enjoy being with but we wanted to try someone new. We like a specific type: young, fit, dominant and very well hung. I enjoyed them but it was never something I sought out. It would have been clear to anyone who saw us sitting together that I was "with" him. Danny told Will to get another drink but that he and I would be leaving. O delicious fun,the humiliation, first the giveing of your very sexy lady,in public to your chosen stud.the complete takeover,sit here,panties off,on the table!!! Alone..wanking at home,waiting for her, pussy dripping know wanker has given her to be fucked by a much superior male.sub hub licks studs body parts covered in sex juice....their all well aware what particular creams I'LL be drinking eagerly later... If you have a visceral hatred for this type of thing, then it is not for you and don't read it - if you are indifferent or liked it, and want to comment constructively, do so.

Anyway, after a few weeks of searching on Craig's List and Adult Friend Finder we found a prospect. Many guys claim to be doms but, when it comes down to it, they don't know what they are doing. He clearly steered the conversation, skillfully, into the dom/sub area. We were excited at the prospect of meeting a new bull. He had teased us by not sending photos of his cock.

I just like the feel, both physically and mentally, of a very large cock. Something about submitting to, and watching me submit to a young guy with an enormous penis, is a huge turn on. He also seemed to know what he was talking about re being a dom. We were seated in a booth that gave us a little privacy.

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