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“It’s a way of essentially matching people and ranking them more quickly and accurately based on who they are being matched up against.”Still, as nuanced as Tinder’s algorithm may be, it ultimately comes down to what Tinder data analyst Chris Dumler calls a “vast voting system.” Every time you swipe right on one person and left on another, you’re fundamentally saying, “This person is more desirable than this other person,” says Dumler.

Leveraging the power of the platform, Applibot has been quite successful in capturing business opportunities in the social game market, not only in Japan, but also in the United States. Legend of the Cryptids (Figure 2), one of their largest titles, hit #1 in the Apple App Store North America gaming category in Oct 2012. Another title, Gang Road, hit #1 on the App Store Japan total sales ranking in Dec 2012.

These titles were able to scale smoothly and handle the massively growing traffic.

However, we have followed couple of scenarios and you can pick which ever naming convention you like. If you want to transport the HANA content as you are used to do for the ABAP landscape and has e.g.