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Who is sumner redstone dating

One of the richest people in America, he is considered on the same playing field as Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner.

"He exploded and told Holland to 'get the fuck out of my house' and within two days every trace of her was gone, including Holland’s two-year-old adopted daughter, Alexandra Red, whom Holland has described as delighting Redstone, toddling around the house and sitting on his lap," a source told "'Sydney is out of his life,' explains the source, who is familiar with the situation. She purchased homes owned by Jessica Simpson, one leased by Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, and has managed to make a profit on most, if not all, projects.

Holland's reps reportedly sent a "sizzle reel" to producers to show that she can hold here own against Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, Erica Girardi (Erika Jayne), Yolanda Foster, Kathryn Edwards and Lisa Vanderpump.

They dated for five years before Redstone broke it off after Holland had an affair with former actor, George Pilgrim.

When Redstone found out that Holland and Pilgrim were shacking up in her Sedona home, he kicked her to the curb. As Ace Greenberg [the late former chairman of Bear Stearns] used to say, ‘If you mess with Sumner you are going to lose.’” Holland also flips houses (reportedly with money "given" to her from Redstone), according to .

w=300" data-large-file=" w=1024" /As Sumner Redstone reached his mid-eighties, he seemed to hanker for ever younger women, and his relations with them began to affect his image—and that of the companies he owned.

Some of those companions began to wield ever more power, resembling in some ways the courtiers of a different era, as they eliminated rivals, consolidated control—and enjoyed the lucre of a billionaire’s favor. ” A few minutes later, they burst a cappella into a song titled “Girls”: As it turned out, “Mr.

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Sumner Redstone, the owner of Viacom, among other major entertainment properties, broke up with Tom Cruise a few years ago for jumping on Oprah’s couch and generally being a f-cking weirdo.

At the time, Redstone told Vanity Fair that “(Cruise) was embarrassing the studio (Paramount). He turned off all women, and a lot of men." Sumner and Tom made up a couple of years later.

And they get on so well now that they went out for lunch the other day and Sumner seemed like he was trying to set Tom up with one of his ex-girlfriends. Why not have a billionaire screen potential wives for you? ), Herzer would be accustomed to the, um, pragmatic relationship. It’ll be almost a year since he’s had a girlfriend/wife/prisoner.

Sumner Redstone is an illustrious media magnate and businessman based in the US.