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Make sure you upload a photo of yourself that is good quality and high resolution. Try to use an image that is a true representation of yourself at the current time, not an image from 20 years ago or one from the makeover and photo shoot you had on your birthday last year where you got a photo of yourself that is stunning but even your mum would not recognise you.

This discount code will make those prices even better - helping you could buy part of your summer wardrobe.

The hotel company is offering the deal on any stay between 29 June and 31 August this year.

Customers can get 10 per cent off for up to three nights in any Travelodge hotel around the country.

Dating isn't a numbers game -- you are looking for one lifelong partner, not 100 cups of coffee.

Myth #2 - The smartest and prettiest women get married first.

Beverley, 52, claimed that her role running tantric sex classes was behind her “super-orgasm”. And Francesca, 59, said hers could only happen with a partner she had bonded with.

This is not the first research that has been carried out into the elusive female orgasm.

Scientists carrying out research for new Channel 4 documentary ‘The Super Orgasm’, which aired last night, have found that a mix of relaxation, yoga and bonding leads to the intense experience.